Monday, 12 September 2011

That bloating, ‘shrinking’ feeling


Something is just not right. Suddenly, everything seems to be getting smaller and tighter. Everything seems to be shrinking.  It’s puzzling. Could it just be my imagination? 

I think the first time I noticed the shrinkages was when my sarongs and maxi skirts started getting tight around the waist and bursting at the seams around the hips. Next, my pair of favourite jeans seemed to lose their length.  I’m a full grown woman for heaven’s sake! I’m neither the growing teenager nor am I the green incredible hulk! Yet, my sarongs, maxi skirts and jeans were getting tighter and shorter! 

Well, I can still zip up my jeans, by holding my breath, that is…….At least  I don’t have to lie down on the floor to zip it! He..he..he….

Then, I remember having difficulty buttoning up my blouses, you know, down the front. To my frustration, my blouses were also tight around the shoulders and the sleeves were getting shorter. Not a good sign either.

Next, my leather shoes started shrinking too! They fitted me perfectly well  some time ago but of late, they were not as comfortable as they used to be when I first bought them.  I never soaked them in water and I certainly didn’t wash and spin dry them. 

My towel  too appeared a size smaller. For some odd reason, the towel wasn’t holding its tuck.   It had shrunk as well! 

I realised that the world around me was shrinking further when my gold ring was impossible to get on or off without some liquid assistance. Since when does a 24 carat gold shrink? In value perhaps, but not in substance, right? 

I just don’t get it. How can these things be different sizes than they used to be?  I can’t believe it’s just me.  However, I am pretty sure that there are people out there who must have felt that bloating, ‘shrinking’ feeling some times . 

The shocking number on the weighing scale says it all.  Reality is the same for everyone isn’t it  and the stark reality  about  weight gain is mind-boggling!  Health is wealth. It’s time for me to hit the treadmill!

JMJ: For health’s sake, one has to keep one’s  weight in check.


LuvTrisya said...

alamak terasa I .....

Anonymous said...

Don'T feel bad! It's a sign of prosperity.


Anonymous said...

Syabas JMJ! A very well written and interesting piece. But don't lose sleep over the "bloating and shrinking" feeling. It comes as a package with wealth and progress. Enjoy the food, but don't neglect the exercise.

Want to join me visiting the ikan bakar stall at Jalan Kuching?

- Shamsudin Puteh

mizah k said...

indeed! health is wealth! nicely written.

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