Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Before Flooding : During Flooding : After The Flood

Good morning friends. Today Shinny want to share with you about the preparation before, during and after flood.  If you find your home is in a flood prone area, modifications may be needed to your home, to help reduce the water intake and assist with recovery. A home with easily removable floor coverings and items, will suffer less damage. Have you checked with your insurance supplier, to see whether flood insurance is available to you and are you covered?

Before Flooding make sure you:
  • Check Emergency : Evacuation and First Aid Kits, making sure they are kept up to date.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers, with ease of accessibility for anyone in the home.
During Flooding make sure you:
  • Listen to the local radio or media for advice and up to date information.
  • Know of your local evacuation centre.
  • Assist in the helping of neighbours if possible. Make sure the elderly or infirm are taken care of.
  • Secure any items that may float away or cause damage. Prepare all motor vehicles : outdoor equipment : rubbish & chemicals, in readiness for flood waters.
  • Make plans for action when water levels reach certain levels. What you are going to move first, where and how?
  • Make any necessary plans for pets and other animals if relocation is needed? Check on your pets food supplies. Move stock & feed to high ground.
  • Relocate all farm equipment to higher ground.
  • Keep all family members away from flood waters. If you do have to enter flood waters, use a stick or pole to check the depth of water.
  • Stay away from fast currents and drains, culverts.
  • Do not eat any foodstuff that comes into contact with flood waters.
  • Boil all tap water during the flood and until known to be safe.
After The Flood on returning to your home make sure you:
  • Get professional advice, as to whether services to your house are OK.
  • Electrical items that have been submerged in the flood waters will need to be checked, before power is applied.
  • Do not eat any foodstuff that has come into with flood waters.
  • Boil all tap water until known to be safe.
  • Make sure you check on your neighbours.
Shinny: As floods often happen very quickly and arrive unexpectedly, there is little time for planning to occur at the last minute. It therefore pays to make sure your family and home is prepared at all times, to reduce the chances of loss.

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